I started Been Writing? over 10 years ago. TEN YEARS. In those ten years, I've had a rollercoaster of a writing career, but the one thing I come back to again and again, is my love of talking with other authors - talking through career choices, goals, and manuscripts. I've done this at writing conferences, … Continue reading MOVING!

Let. Go.

I've been in a few conversations lately that remind me how much writers treat their works like their children. I have a good friend who I'm sure will hit the publishing world in a big way at some point. There's a fantasy he's been working on for a long time. It's the first writing project … Continue reading Let. Go.


I see people apologizing for their genre, what they write, where or how they're published... Or, maybe apologizing isn't the right word. The right word is dismissing their accomplishments. STOP THIS. If you weren't comparing yourself to someone else, would you be using phrases like, "Oh, I just do (insert thing here)..." or "It's not … Continue reading STOP APOLOGIZING