Ann Aguirre – YASH! (go team PINK)

Interview with Clay from Like Never and Always 1) People want to know why you cover for your brother so much. Why don't you set the record straight, so people in town don't blame you so much? The last thing my father said to me before he died? "Take care of your little brother, Clay." … Continue reading Ann Aguirre – YASH! (go team PINK)


There are NO wasted words

  I've deleted a lot of words. I've left ENTIRE novels to rot on my hard drive. I've re-written some of those "left to rot" novels without opening the original document. I've cut chapters. Words. Characters. Places. I've re-done entire endings. Sometimes more than once. I've re-organized and spend all day deleting and adding and … Continue reading There are NO wasted words

In Brief: Mooshing 2 Genres/Writers Into One Book

I've read a few posts on this already, but I'm going to throw my few cents into the conversation. Okay. No cents. Just words. I'm lame. We have this idea that if we write a book that crosses genres rather dramatically, we will widen our audience to epic proportions. So, if we write a book … Continue reading In Brief: Mooshing 2 Genres/Writers Into One Book