*Editing Services*

To schedule a read, please email me at jolenebperry (at) gmail (dot) com, or jennysproctor (at) gmail (depending on whom you’d like to work with) – with EDIT in the subject line. If you’d like a type of edit we don’t list below, please let me know – chances are pretty good that we’d be happy to help!



A free read of chapter one (no more than 4k) – at this point, we can both decide if I’m a good fit for your story. I’ll happily pass on about a few paragraphs of notes without charge. If I don’t think I can help you with the manuscript, I’ll let you know. If I feel that there are changes to be made before I can help you, I’ll let you know that as well.


This edit is my recommendation if  – ONE – you have a first draft and you want some general idea of what’s working and what’s not, or – TWO – if you’ve been querying and your book just isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

I’ll do a quick read of your MS and send you a 1-2 page edit letter outlining strengths, weaknesses, plot pitfalls, and a few notes on characterization as well as marketability, which is key if you’re going the traditional publishing route, and distinctly important if you’re going indie.

Cost: 125.00  for a 50 – 90K novel. Email me for a quote if your word count doesn’t fall within this scope.


I’ll cover what I do in the SIMPLE STORY EDIT, but your edit letter will be about 3-7 pages long – similar to what you’d get from an acquisitions editor after your novel sells. I’ll make a few after chapter notes, and a section of line notes as well – especially if one area showcases an issue and/or a strength seen throughout your manuscript. This does not take the place of a line edit. Those are crucial.

COST: 50.00 per 10K read after the free (no more than 4K) first chapter. If your completed work is less than 10K words, and you’re looking for an edit on the entire project, please email for a quote.


  1. If you only want us to read PART of your MS? We’re totally fine with that.
  2. We don’t need payment before we start working on your MS, but we do request payment before we send over your notes.
  3. Different editors will have different opinions on how to best showcase any given story. But in the end, your story is your story. Please take what you learn from any editor and make it your own.
  4. If you have a different kind of edit in mind – query, synopsis, etc… we’ll happily give you a quote depending on what you’re after.


What JOLENE Brings to the Table:

  1. I’m not just helping you put together a solid story, but a story that has the best chance of selling.
  2. My obsessive watching of Publisher’s Marketplace, outlining recent sales.
  3. Over a year of interning with Jenny Bent of the Bent Agency.
  4. Published projects with five different publishing houses. This means I’ve worked with 5 different acquisitions editors, line editors, and copy editors.
  5. Nine years working as a traditionally published and indie author.
  6. Years of working as mentors for numerous writing conferences, including numerous drafting, editing, and query workshops.
  7. A willingness to discuss my notes with the author when I’m finished with their project.


What JENNY Brings to the Table:

  1. Warning: Jolene wrote the below…
  2. An insanely honed and keen sense of story – what works, what doesn’t.
  3. 5 published novels, and the accompanying edit rounds.
  4. The woman is raising SIX CHILDREN while also writing and working. If you want eyes on a children’s or early reader book? Jenny is amazeballs.
  5. Judging NUMEROUS first chapters in NUMEROUS categories for NUMEROUS years.
  6. Struggling with your romance? Jenny is your editor. From building the tension, to making sure your readers are satisfied, Jenny has your back.
  7. Jenny watches the women’s fiction and romance market like a stalker (the good kind). She knows what’s out there, what’s selling, and how to get your MS to a solid place to either land an agent, sell to a publisher, and/or hook your reader from the start.

To schedule an edit, please email me at jolenebperry (at) gmail (dot) com, or me, jennysproctor (at) gmail – with EDIT in the subject line. 

Happy Writing!

~ Jo