DON’T PANIC: The Agent Edition

I know, I know... Telling someone to "Stop panicking" is like telling a person to stop aging, or to stop being hot while walking the strip in Vegas. In August. Here are a few things I see writers panic about when dealing with agents, and here's why I think you should not panic in these … Continue reading DON’T PANIC: The Agent Edition


A Few Fav Blurb/Query Helps

This is a post I've meant to do for AGES. I'm sure I'll come back and edit this post as I find new ways to write blurbs, but these are my favs... for now. Helping someone else with their blurb or query is simple. Working one up for myself? Not as simple. There was a blissful … Continue reading A Few Fav Blurb/Query Helps

In Brief: Levels of Edits

This post is probably most useful to pre-published authors. ROUND ONE - CONTENT This is where you take the seed of an idea that you love, and turn it into something workable. What to keep in mind in round one, as both the author or a reader: Overall story arc Pacing Character arc and characterization … Continue reading In Brief: Levels of Edits